WordPress Endurance Cache

WordPress Endurance Cache

It is a plugin installed by host. They install two plugins “Endurance Browser Cache” and “Endurance Page Cache.”

You can disable the Endurance Page Cache plugin by going to “Plugins” > “Must-Use” then locating the “Endurance Page Cache” plugin and clicking “disable.”

The other plugin called “Endurance Browser Cache” does not have a disable button.

Here is the easiest solution I found for it:

  1. Log into your Cpanel and click on Files.
  2. Choose your domain/subdomain and click on the WP-Content.
  3. Click on the “mu-plugins”.
  4. Rename the File “endurance-page-cache.php” to “endurance-page-cache.php.old”
  5. Create a blank file there and name it “endurance-page-cache.php”

That’s it, problem solved. And if you ever in the future want to activate it again, simply delete the blank file that you created and remove the word “old” from the original file name.